San Diego, CA

Shower and Tub Walls

A shower wall can be customized to suit your specific style and needs, making it look amazing, being safer and providing a more secure bathing experience, all with having to spend less time cleaning the bathroom. You can personalize your bathroom even more with a wide array of optional accessories and features such as recessed soap dish, corner shelves, safety grab bars, customized benches and corner seats.

Don’t line it when you can replace it for the same price.

Tub Walls

A tub wall can do a lot more than just cover your outdated, stained or damaged tub. It can make your entire bathing experience everything you ever dreamed of. Every single detail can be exactly as you imagine it. You can have your very own customized bathroom with everything you want and need. We also offer many optional accessories to go with your tub liner like, soap dishes, corner caddies, tower caddies, safety grab bars, foot pedestals and corner seats, just to name a few.