San Diego, CA

Products and Services

Bathroom Remodeling

Ready to transform your bathroom, but are concerned about cost and disruption to your home? San Diego Bath Wraps offers the most cost efficient solution to modernizing your bathrooms. You can choose among today’s stylish colors and finishes. Our custom-made materials are beautifully engineered and crafted. Installation rarely takes more than a day.

Shower Doors

Shower doors are designed to make your bathroom look beautiful while keeping the water in the shower area.

Bath and Shower Walls

No need to tear out your moldy, damaged tile and grout. We install acrylic over your existing shower walls in a variety of colors and simulated tile patterns.

Bath Accessories

Customize your bath with soap dishes, caddies, shower rods, grab bars, and plumbing options.

Mold Removal

Mold can pose a problem in bathrooms. The constant humidity caused by steam and running water promote the growth that can be seen as stains in shower walls, doors, bathtub surface, in between tiles, and even on the ceiling. Mold makes your bathroom look bad, smell bad and poses a health hazard. We can help in detecting and eliminating mold in your bathroom.